Thursday, November 25, 2010

Victory tastes creamy with a lemony tang...

After our last attempt at hollandaise sauce, we figured that the next free Saturday morning we would try it again in hope of better results. But since free Saturday mornings are not something that shows up in our life very often these days, we did some recipe research and finally settled on a Wednesday afternoon to give it a go. This time we were victorious over the sauce.

First of all we gathered up the ingredients.

Just ignore how much butter there is - especially since this only feeds two people. Yes, it's really really bad for you, but it's just so dang good. Added to these ingredients were the lemon juice and some secret spices.

Now for those of you who read the other post regarding hollandaise sauce, you'll remember what we went through with the sauce separating. Well, we found a recipe that eliminated this problem. The original recipe had you cooking the yolk and melting the butter separately which requires adding the butter oh so slowly while whisking away like there is no tomorrow. The solution this new recipe offered was brilliant. First we melted the butter, then added the yolks to the already melted butter. Of course you have to cook it for longer this way, but there is no danger of the dreaded sauce separation.

 Paden then added some spices and lemon juice to the hollandaise sauce while continuing to whisk away.

While Paden was stirring up and making the sauce, I fried the ham and poached the eggs....

With this new sauce method, most everything went smoothly (except the eggs were started too early and ended up being a little over poached for our personal taste). Finally complete, he poured the hollandaise sauce over the prepped English Muffins.

Now tell me that doesn't look as good as it tasted....

So while we savored our successful egss benedict dish, we planned out the perfect meal: Eggs Benedict with salmon, asparagus, fried tomatoes and a glass (or two) of tangy white wine. So don't be surprised if we have you over and serve you the above menu. After all, when you work so hard to make such a delicious dish, how can you not spread the love?

Monday, November 8, 2010

Changing Time

I think we should start having daylight savings every week. When the alarm went off at 5:30 this morning, I felt as if getting up right then were not the worst thing in the world; a brand new Monday morning sensation. I went to work and felt no loathing toward that office that has enchained me to boredom for so many bygone hours of my life. When quitting time rolled round, I realized it had been one of the best Mondays I have ever spent at Parker Hannifin Manhattan. Imagine what the world would be like if every Monday were like that? It's not like we can see the sunlight locked up in our cubicles anyway.

In other new, I'm collecting boxes now. Turns out we won't be home on a weekend day from now till we move, so all the packing and sorting out what to take and what to leave behind must happen on a Monday-Thursday night within the next 6 weeks. Being busy is a very good thing right now - when there is a change that exciting about to happen in your life, the last thing you feel like doing is sitting around.

Also, Kara got engaged to Peter Rapp on Friday; there is much rejoicing. :-)