Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Living Room and Maryland

This is my other favorite room in the house. (According to Olivia we can have lots of favorites.)

This room got the most attention as I was planning out our new home here in Kansas. The only piece of living room furniture we brought from Idaho was the glass coffee table. After searching and searching and not finding anything that particularly grabbed me, I happened across this couch set and the room was made. I couldn't be happier with how they keep the authenticity of age and character in this almost 100 year old house. I was also particularly pleased with my rug find.

 The room is very large and extends the whole width of the house. Our dining room is set up on the other side. I spent everything on the living room, so right now the dining room is pretty bare. And I don't regret it one little bit.

The floors were covered in carpet when we first got here. After tearing them up, we decided we needed to refinish them. Paden and Kaley rented a sander and sanded it down. We then had it stained, but before putting the finish on it, I decided I liked the raw, rough look without the finish. So we left it as it was. It really helps create an authentic feeling and character filled room.


Last weekend we were able to take Matt and Kirsten Tucker up on a long standing invitation to come see Maryland.

We took the boat all the way to Annapolis which is well worth seeing in our opinion.

My personal favorite part of the trip beyond seeing old friends was kayaking. It was very enjoyable to do activities our toddler stage of life doesn't generally allow for. I look forward to when they can jump in a kayak with us!

It was nice to have a weekend where nobody asked me to get them a drink or make them a snack or change their diaper. That said, we were sure glad to get home to our little girls! If home is where the heart is, then this is home!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Summer Days

It's been a while! Life is more than a little busy these days!

Every year is a labor day parade in Uniontown which Lee Belle often rides in. So the girls got to be in their first parade and throw candy from the pony wagon.

When Becki came to visit we saw Kansas City's miniature and toy museum. Well worth the trip!

We also saw the Aquarium, but the lighting didn't allow for any pictures worth posting. Olivia did find R2D2 in the Legoland giftshop which adjoins the Auqarium.

Somehow I am low on Taya pictures over the last month! Mostly because she is quite a little monkey and is always running or climbing something making it very hard to get a picture of her. Eating a piece of candy keeps her still and quiet though.

The summer was very hot and September is bringing the relief of no more 90+ degree days and I am very glad of that. After being confined mostly inside due to heat, it's been nice to be able to enjoy the outdoors again.

Paden and I are very excited to soon be going on our first trip without kids since Olivia was born. Thanks to my wonderful Mother-in-law, we are able to leave the kiddos in safe hands and enjoy some time together with friends in Maryland. She's a pretty great grandma!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Bedroom and Office

First the before pictures.

Within the last twenty years or so, an addition was made to the house including this bedroom.

A while back we lost an important piece to our bedframe during a move. As a result, for the last four years we've had our boxspring and mattress on the floor. It was a decent set up as it made otherwise tight bedroom spaces a little more roomy.

Shortly after we moved down to Kansas we picked out this bedroom set and have been very happy with it. It's a nice change to have space to move around freely even with large furniture items filling the room.

After a dark and drab bedroom, this natural light filled room is such a welcome change. It's amazing how light can affect you!

The open doorway looks right into what may be my favorite room in the house. At very least it is the one I spend the most time in (or would that be the kitchen?).

The large west facing window and the high ceiling make it feel open and bright even though it's quite a small space.

I love sitting next to a bright window. I almost always have fresh flowers sitting next to my desk. I'm pretty sure they boost productivity.

Paden or one of the girls often keep my company in this corner chair. If I find some quiet time, this is usually where I will sit with a book.

The room we use as our bedroom was originally built to be an office, so the closet is in the office space (even more bedroom space).

Eventually I'd like to add some floor rugs and a bench under the bedroom window. In the meantime I am loving these spaces!

Monday, June 27, 2016

The Kitchen

The majority of our renovations are complete. I wish this meant we had finished all the little things that need to be done on this new house of ours, but the little things appear to be endless. So we may be a long ways from perfection, but are still very much loving this great new place of ours!

I happen to have some before and after pictures.

Take in that special shade of green and those wood laminate countertops. (On the left is the laundry room and on the right is the dining room.)

Whose idea was it to put carpet in kitchens? That door on the right was a second staircase going to the basement that has been converted to a spacious pantry. (Dining room again to the left.)

There was a lot of great space to work with so we started putting the pieces together.

First step was to removing some of the greens. I like green as much as anyone, but those walls... am I right? The green sink was replaced with a black one that happened to be on hand, the green tile with a new backsplash, and the walls with the perfect shade of yellow. Also the laminate wood was replaced with a brand new countertop.

I just have to say that I am in love with my new stove. It's a flat top with two separate ovens that I already use frequently. Apparently I like baking foods that require different temperature settings. One of the 'little things' we still need to do is replace the green tile still left behind the stove. Also note the beautiful flooring!

This kitchen has a great amount of space. Even with our eating table in the middle, there is plenty of room for a crowd which is what I usually get with my three tiny 'helpers.'

It takes a bit to get used to the flow of a new kitchen and sometimes I miss how bright my old one was, but I'm already loving the walking space, the fact I can empty almost all my dishwasher without taking more than two steps, and my huge pantry so I'm not longer stuffing all my groceries in cupboards (sorry, no picture of the pantry!) It doesn't hurt that the view outside the kitchen window is a large field where at least once a day you'll see a long train of cattle walk by.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Turning Four

For days, weeks, and even months, the Big Day was greatly anticipated and talked about. Finally it arrived and we brought out the yellow and white polka dot hats to celebrate Olivia's 4th birthday!

Olivia was disappointed not to have all her people friends come to her party due to a severe illness that had just made its round through house. But a pink and blue castle cake with Mabelle and Poppy went a long ways to remedy that.

This little girl is really loving life these days. All her sweetness and love for fun adventures is coming out here on the ranch; someone was born to live in Kansas it would appear!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Taya's Birthday

Our littlest girl turned One a couple weeks ago.

What a fun bundle this little girl is! Maybe it's being the youngest of three in a row, but she is incredibly easy going and sweet... until she needs to stand up for herself and then there is nobody fiercer! I don't think we'll ever have to worry about this girl being taken advantage of.

To celebrate her birthday, I made a fun butterfly cake.

But Taya went for the pink cupcakes instead. This girl knows how to put away a cupcake. She also holds the record in this house for being the first baby who turned one with hair on their head.

Grandpa and Grandma were here for the weekend to help celebrate.

What a sweet gift we were all given a year ago.

Taya walked so early it seems like she should be even older than she is. It appears we are all doing our best to hold onto Taya's last baby moments.

Monday, February 8, 2016

No Such Thing As Normal...

Looking forward into 2016 what I saw wasn't exactly calm and peaceful, but it was definitely normal. We would thrive on a regular routine that lasted for more than a few months (I'm a sucker for routines). We would live a nice normal life free from the craziness that has followed us the last few years. But it is not to be. Not at all.

It's all happened insanely fast, but this family is up and moving to Kansas! We are going to be living the ranch life. A farmhouse is being made ready for arrival which may be as soon as April.

This last week was a chaos of packing up boxes and making this crazy cluttered house presentable for selling. It went up on the market officially today and we already have a showing scheduled. Getting the house ready for showing has inspired me to live in a more minimalist style. The amount of space we have after removing almost half our stuff is so freeing. The house never felt so big and airy and full of light. But I think the girls will start to miss the other half of their toys before too long.

Along with this move is a mixture of many emotions. Excitement at a new adventure. Fear of leaving the known. Sadness of leaving friends. Anticipation of moving toward something better and being near family. Stress of juggling prepping a house for sale, three tiny ones, and work. But definitely peace that leaving this stage of life and entering into this new one is absolutely what we are called to right now.

And it's just in the nick of time too. I never exchanged my KS license for an ID one and it expires this summer.

In other news, the youngest Blythe just turned 11 months old. Where did the last 11 months go?

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Getting out...

It was one of those days. In such cases, getting out of the house is the easiest way to survive the day well. So the girls spent a good 45 minutes perusing toys and books while Taya and I filtered through the rest of the store. When it was time to go, everyone was having such a good time we decided to extend our outing and include a frosty and some fries.

Taya had some frosty but mostly just wanted to sit and watch Olivia and Paige eat. This mom thinks she's adorable even with chocolate drool.

Paige decided to live large and do ketchup shots.

When I asked Olivia if I could take her picture to show dad her frosty she replied, "Um, no. I too big now."

Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year 2016...

Here we are starting another year. 2015 was what you might call a learning year. From literally learning how to walk, to learning how to walk this life well - or at least a little better.

We welcomed our sweet Taya into the world, stumbled through a blurry and busy summer, started the road of healing from a sleep disorder, had a record number of baby illnesses during the fall, and ended with a happy Christmas with Tabitha joining us. An exhausting year to say the least!

A couple days ago it hit me that this is the longest I have not been pregnant for 4 years. 2016 has potential to be the first year since 2010 that I am not bedridden or seriously debilitated for months at a time. That has me pretty excited. 2016 does not look to be an easy year by any means. Paden is opening a new Bagel Shop location in Pullman. Starting next week I will never know when or if I'll see him any given day. But for the first time, this kind of thought does not induce panic and I'm really excited about the new venture. It's amazing what months of good sleep does for a person!

I love how God creates new beginnings all over the place. Whether it's a start to a new year or just a new day, new beginnings have a feeling of refreshment often needed by the end of day or year. I'm very excited about this new year. I don't think easy is in our near future, but with this house full of little feet I suspect a lot of joy and chaotic/exciting times are!

Happy New Year to you all!