Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Time for a New Uniform

For me, yesterday was one of those days when your adrenaline runs so high for so long that you still feel a little shaky the next day. The messages that I needed to move on from this current employment started first thing in the morning as I finally remember to send a follow up email on a potential well-paying position. Not an hour after that the second message came in the form of an apartment showing. Turned out she was the lady with whom I had interviewed for the teller position a month or so ago. Upon recognizing me she immediately wanted to know if I had applied and reassured me that she was going to make sure my application was pushed through because they really wanted me to work for them. (It is kind of an odd feeling to be conniving about a new job while working at your current job)

Then the final message came another hour later when I received a text from MK. She had just started working the front desk at a dental office and was letting me know that they were hiring a dental assistant, no previous experience required. So I printed off my resume and visited their office when I finished my shift. Right away I was whisked into another room where I was interview by Misti. Then I spent 20 minutes waiting for the dentist to finish with his patient and continue the interview himself. It was the funnest interview ever. How many people get to crack up several times during their interview? We hit it off well and he offered me the job on the spot. I start Monday.

In two weeks I will be making what it takes me a month to earn here. At last, my days in boring employment have ended. I have a found an interesting, well paying, fun job with - as far as I can tell - wonderful, fun-loving coworkers. So after work today I'm off to buy some scrubs. Which is another great perk about this job. My work uniform is practically a pair of PJs. Beat that.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Workin' Thoughts...

I have a job. Kind of. What I mean is there's this place I go to at certain times of the day and at the end of the month I receive a modest paycheque. It's my humble opinion that the market can't really be all that bad if all the jobs I have obtained since graduation have been useless positions where I am practically being paid to do nothing.

My last job in Manhattan had me bored to tears - almost literally. I dreaded going to work where I knew there wasn't really anything to do and I would spend the day dreaming of finding something new. I had dreams of a job where I didn't have to sort through all the filing cabinets in the office just to find something to do; a job where I wouldn't have to perform each task as slowly as possible just to fill up my eight hours. Oh sweet bliss!

After moving to Moscow I found a job at an apartment rental company. Compared to my last job this is paradise. I get to talk to lots of people on the phone or in person when they come into the office. Real live people interaction. Alas, this is pretty much all I do besides the occasional apartment showing. But I'm not bored to tears. You see this time I have an amazing boss. (Who you work for makes or breaks the job!) This tiny office is a little more than one person can reasonably chew, so as long as I always get the phones and am available to do the apartment showings, my boss is free to do her work without having to stay overtime all the time and thus a wonderful work relationship. The work is not constant and steady but rather insane for an hour, then dead for another hour and half before something else exciting happens. However, being the understanding and easy going person my boss is, she openly tells me to go on facebook, email, and even netflix as time permits. I can definitely handle having nothing to do if I'm permitted to amuse myself.

One  of things I do daily at work to fill my time is check out Criagslist. I'm a huge fan and I like to see what people are selling and giving away for free. I also like to see what jobs are available. I've just discovered that the Daily News is hiring for an entry level position. I've never considered myself a very good writer - but hey, I went to NSA and by senior year I even managed to squeak in some good grades on my papers. And I KNOW I could write the socks off any Argonaut writer. It would be a part time job with flexible hours, so I could fit it in with my current job's schedule. I think I have decided to apply just for the fun of it. I doubtt I will get the position because they want someone who has "some experience in news writing," and I doubt my NSA papers will count for that. But heck, it's a quiet afternoon at the office so what's the harm? I have to admit, I would get a kick out of having my name in a newspaper.

But what am I going to use as my writing samples to send along with my resume? Somehow I get the idea my thoughts on Rousseau and Dostoevsky won't be the key to this opportunity.