Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Girls in Christmas Dresses...

I have some beautiful little girls.

I ordered Christmas cards. Then a week later I discovered I hadn't processed the order correctly. I took this as a sign that I could take a break this year. So this is Merry Christmas from the Blythes.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Christmas Cookies...

Today we did Christmas cookies with a few friends.

Asher and Olivia did cookies together last year and both remembered the fun.

Maggie concentrating on her cookie art.

Paige preferred to focus on eating green icing off her bear cookie.

Olivia put large dobs of icing on cookies while Evie neatly coordinated her icing colors with matching sprinkle colors.

Fun Christmas memories were successfully made!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Toddler Health...

We've had illness going through this house over the past weeks. Tis the season and we now have three expert germ spreaders. It started off with this little one.

Sometimes you just can't make it accross the floor and have to rest for about 40 minutes.

Olivia had the bug this last week and has been sleeping in most mornings. Paige does not like being without her sister. So after Olivia woke up and a movie was started, Paige sat as close to her big sister as Olivia would allow.

Unfortunately a sick Olivia is not a cuddly Olivia, so this didn't last long. But apparently standards change between Paige and Taya.

Even though Taya is getting bigger and more squirmy than ever, Olivia still wants to hold her and treat her like a newborn. Taya is obliging for about one minute.

Paige got lots of practice playing solo this last week. Not her favorite, but new games that nobody understands were invented including this one involving a mirror and a princess tiara.

Since we had about a dozen different sicknesses the first half of November that means we are done til at least after Christmas, right? Optimism is always best I say.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Life Continuing...

Life has a lot going on these days. Sometimes it's big things. Sometimes it's little things. One of the little things I find myself doing at some point every day is searching for the beloved soothers. (Pacifiers as they say south of the border.)  It's a true mystery as to where they go. Sometimes one child is hoarding them. Sometimes the other accidentally rolls it under a sofa or bed. Sometimes they are simply never seen again. So when I ran my hand down the side of the big brown recliner yesterday, it was very satisfying to find this.

That should get us going for a few more days. I have another set coming in the mail. By the time it arrives we may really need them again. The small things aren't always as small as they seem, let me tell you.

Now for the kids:

Drawing, dancing, reading, imaginary friend and animal games are just a few of Olivia's many favorite things to do. This kid has so much personality she cracks us up. And herself too.

Although they love to play together and can hardly stand to be apart long, you'll never find sisters so different.

This is a common Paige face. Although she may come across as very serious (which is true) we think she may be our stand up comedian child. She is very aware of when she is making people laugh. Sometimes you don't realize she is making you laugh on purpose because she has the most incredible poker face.

Now that Taya is crawling, we are back to the "make sure you shut the door" phase. Incidentally we just got out of that phase with Paige a couple months ago.

This little girl is loving the world these days with all sorts of new skills. It's a busy life when you are trying to keep up with your big sisters.

Monday, October 12, 2015


Today is Canadian Thanksgiving. Down here in Idaho it passes as a regular Monday. But a day to stop and be thankful can never come often enough.

This blog has been silent for a while with reason. To cut a long story short, when life fell completely apart, I finally got diagnosed with sleep apnea. Three weeks after starting treatment, life has turned a dramatic 180. Life has gone from being a daily struggle to being full of joy and hope again. I have days now where I know it's been years since I felt this clear.

So here's my Canadian Thanksgiving thankfulness list.

I am thankful for the beautiful thing real sleep is and that our house is now blessed with it almost every night (a baby and two toddlers included!)

I am thankful my doctor happens to be a sleep specialist and that he listened carefully to my case and helped me find a simple and fast solution.

I am thankful for my amazing mother in law who dropped everything and lived with us for two weeks when I could no longer take care of the girls.

I am thankful for the noise, laughter, and beauty of our three little girls.

I am thankful for my husband and the love he shows me daily

I am thankful that no matter how well or bad we perform in times of trial, God is still faithful.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Little Boy Blue...

A little boy was born, but not in the usual way. In fact the man on the moon never saw him beneath the surgical lights.

There were bills to pay and so he never learned to walk. He didn't hear about the cat cradles because the silver spoon had it out for him. His mouth may have opened but his smile never did, because the last thing in sight was a shiny pair of silver scissors to neatly slit open his face.

One day he will see; I don't know when. 
But I know they will all see then.

So he won't go home, play ball, or borrow the car keys, this little boy blue. Instead he sits headless in a jar because someone believed they could choose. But his little name that no earthly mother gave is written in The Book and they can't erase it no matter how hard they try or say that they have.

When will they see? I don't know when.
But fight for the little blue children til then.

Every broken silver spoon and rusted pair of scissors is a victory.

Faith is our shield in battle. Without it, we are defenseless against the intimidation of the enemy. So don't let your hashtag, prayer, random conversation, or whatever your method of fight is be without faith. God uses His peoples' faith and the power to bring down mountains has been given to us.

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. - Joshua 1:9

Monday, August 10, 2015

A Kansas Wedding...

A week ago we took a trip to KS to witness my sister-in-law's wedding. We left long before the sun the got up to fly in a plane. Olivia thought the plan was too small and asked for a bigger one. Meanwhile Paige just wanted to know why we weren't back in bed.

The ranch is a perfect place to a couple of toddlers. There were pony cart rides.

Meals outside at their own special table.

And of course lots of kitties,

The big event of the week was watching this beautiful bride get married off!

It was a lovely wedding.

Olivia did a great job being the flower girl.

But more than walking down the aisle in a pretty little dress, these two sisters danced for two and a half hours non-stop at the reception.

Oh to have that kind of energy again! I'm still not quite sure we have recovered from all the fun and excitement!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Four Months of Life...

Taya is four months old today.

This one knows how to smile. She smiles at every person. She smile at every object. If staring at a blank white ceiling, she smiles at that too. (Secretly we think she sees fairies and talks to them.)

Honestly she has a lot to smile about with two sisters who adore her.

I think they all look good together.

Although to be honest, this is a more accurate portrayal of what life is like in this house.

That's why we love digital photography where you can capture the moment you are looking for even though it only lasted about two seconds.

Having three kids under three is no joke. There is a lot of this.

On a good day, this is the kind of mess you find in the kitchen.

And I'm definitely loosing my mind. Proof is found when hours after lunch I discover that I put the cinnamon in the microwave.

It's a constant battle of "don't eat sand." (even if you do look cute doing it)

But then spontaneous moments like this really do happen.

These moments aren't contrived by taking a million shots and picking the one that looks like what you want it to look like.

These moments are genuine and never fail to make this mom's heart melt.

This kind of love can't be contrived. So I always try to have my camera ready. At the end of day these shots may be grainy and out of focus, but they are my favorites because they are real.


Friday, June 19, 2015

Bear Rides Along...

It was a rare occasion yesterday that Paige and I were out just the two of us. After a long day, pizza was in order so Paige accompanied me to pick it up. Once we were in the car Paige started pointing to the seat next her and gesturing frantically. It took me a minute to realize that this is what she was asking for.

With Bear safely buckled in, a calm satisfaction took over the back seat.

A few minutes later I peak in the rearview mirror to find Paige holding Bear's hand.

Never was there a love like this little girl has for Bear.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Five Years...

Funny how you think you already know how to love someone on your wedding day. 

Five years ago today I did not foresee our fifth anniversary with us living in Idaho already having three beautiful little girls. But it is good we don't know the trials and joys we are in store for.

We daily enjoy our three little joys, although it was a long hard trial waiting to welcome each one. During the last three sickness-filled years, this man has loved a grumpy and disabled me very well. 

Here's to many more blessed and joy filled (and hopefully healthy!) years ahead!