Monday, October 14, 2013

Baby Fashion...

My blog posts are always about Olivia these days. But honestly my life consists of sleeping and wishing I was sleeping. The bright side is that Paige should be making her arrival in about ten weeks.

Olivia likes clothes. There are a couple shirts (particularly a sparkly panda bear one) that once dressed in she then feels the need to stop and admire herself in front of the mirror for a while with a big contented smile on her face. Also she likes to accessorize with belts, socks, or towels as scarves or hats.

Dad dressed Olivia the other day which is always fun. After picking out this outfit, Olivia felt she looked good enough that she needed to do a fashion walk for us. I am not sure what statement she is making with the red plastic strip, but apparently it was part of the look.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Firsts Aren't Always What You Think...

Firsts with your baby aren't always what you expect.

Since she was old enough to really be aware of the concept "mom is gone," Olivia has only been babysat once. It was months and months ago (maybe a couple months before her first birthday?) by her Grandma for a little over an hour. If I remember correctly there was plenty of tears. Generally she has been blissfully asleep and unaware when others have come to watch her for us.

So I was a little nervous about dropping her off at a nursery for the first time a few weeks ago. She would not know anybody there and it would be a strange new place. I was prepping myself for lots of tears and possibly having to come back to reassure her the world had not ended.

But I could not have been more wrong.

She didn't even look back when she saw the toys. Apparently that first day she did go to the door to complain a couple times, but no crying. When I came to take her away, she was the only dry eyed baby in the room. And she didn't want to leave.

The second time I dropped her off, she promptly turned to me, waved, and said "bye" as soon as I set her down. Since then nursery has become her favorite thing to do. She comes away reluctantly and on a crazy-hyper-tired high. This last week the babysitters commented that she was the cheerful baby. (Her company in the nursery are several other babies under the age of two who have never been dropped off to be watched before.)

I figured being left by Mom for the first time at 15 months was supposed to be a traumatic experience, but this bug is very comfortable with the world. New things, people, or situations are greeted with composure and certainty.

I love my spunky, confident girl!