Thursday, January 17, 2013


Here's a post of a more sombre nature, but something that has been very meaningful to me this past year

For some reason an article posted by a friend caught my eye and so I was reading about how a baby should sleep from birth to 3-5 years. According to that article I suck as a mother. And yet my child is an amazing sleeper and (I think) the world's happiest and healthiest baby. But what really got me is the hypocrisy of a culture that can condemn me on how I raise my baby and then tell the woman over there it is perfectly right for her to have an abortion.

Both Paden and I have felt this issue of abortion strongly since having Olivia. The thought of people killing their children is even tougher to swallow when you're holding your little girl as she gurgles to you.

Our culture will tell a pregnant woman exactly what and how much she can eat, what foods she must at all cost avoid, what oven cleaners or perfumes she must not go near, how heavy an object she can lift, even what positions she can sleep in. Everywhere you turn, someone is there telling you how to be a good mom to your little unborn child. (And this is not to say that all of it is unhelpful or false.) But then they also turn around and say that - since a woman has a right to her body - so long as the little person is still inside her body she has a right to snuff out that life. How can they possibly not realize that they have just judged the value of a life based on location? What kind of crazy culture tells us exactly how to treat a newborn (you can find week by week guides on The Right way to care for a baby) and yet they have no qualms about saying we can kill all the babies as long as they haven't gotten to see the world outside the womb where they are growing? No one would say Olivia is less Olivia when she weighed five pounds eleven ounces versus now when she weighs fifteen pounds two ounces. So what, beyond location, made her less of a person one year ago when she weighed only two pounds? She was no less dependent on me for life and nourishment at that size than she was after being born.

As Paden brought up last night, and it's the only response in trying to understand this, sin is insane. No sane person could possibly say what our culture says. No sane person would say "It's fine to kill the baby, oh, unless it's passed through the birth canal in which case now it's the most horrible thing to not breast feed and rock the child to sleep and always care for its every need." Or even "It's fine to kill the baby, but if you decide to let the baby live and be born one day, then you had better not drink a glass of wine because excessive drinking causes FAS."


Friday, January 4, 2013

Joy Filled Days...

If you measure time by the saying time flies when you're having fun, then we had a whole lot of fun this Christmas. Since the shop was closed up for the week between holidays and Christmas conveniently fell on a Tuesday, we ended up with two weeks of time to spend with our family in Canada. It was the longest break we've had since we were married, but it felt like one of the shortest.


 This picture is courtesy of Isaac on the Ewert/Epp Christmas dinner where there was plenty of food, family and fun to be had. We got to have extra family at the table this year because Ems got married on the 29th and her fiance's family joined us.

Our Christmas Eve dinner included a friend and her little girl along with our family. It's been a long time since we've had little ones around at Christmas time. Their enthusiasm is a great addition to the Christmas Cheer.

  I think the biggest hit was Aunt Tabitha's gift to Jeannie.

 I can't wait until Olivia is old enough to enjoy the holidays like her cousin.

I do think she still enjoyed it quite a bit even if the wrapping was almost as exciting as the gift.

Christmas day we went across the border to Bellinghem to spend it with the family there.

Christmas day included extended family from Tennessee. Grandma's giant dining table had all the extensions in it and we still had to add another table. 

Then came the wedding! Don't they make a good looking couple?

It was a fun and colorful and oh so happy wedding despite being the middle of winter. Wedding party pictures were taken on the beach and I can't wait to see how they turned out.

What a happy Christmas it was.

Happy New Year to everyone!