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From Snowmen to Parks

Once Olivia knew we were going to Canada for Christmas, she immediately started talking about building snowmen with Grandpa. White Christmases aren't a common occurrence in the Vancouver area of Canada and it had snowed the year before, so I cautioned her not to get her hopes up. However, it was a sweet surprise when snow started coming down.

Olivia got her Christmas wish and built a snowman with Grandpa. Naturally, it was immediately followed by coming inside for hot cocoa since that was the sequence of events last year. This one never forgets.

When we got back to Kansas, the weather was frigid: negative Fahrenheit temperatures and a nasty wind chill. I prepared myself for a bitter winter. It was unnecessary however, because winter appears to have little plans of setting up camp here.

This last week I suddenly realized there was no reason to be cooped up inside. After many long Idaho winters, it was firmly instilled in my mind that January was an 'indoor month'. Those rul…

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