Monday, March 31, 2014

New Project...

I accomplished another project last week. I am surprised and rather pleased at how well it turned out. Our living room seating furniture consisted of four pieces, none of which matched. So when someone was looking to get rid of two chairs I snatched them.

First off I repainted the frame which was worn through in a few places. The fabric was also a little worse for wear. I did my first online order of fabric. When it arrived it was a lighter color than I expected, but I actually liked it better. Then I got out my sewing machine, dubious if I had the skills. But I guess four box seat cushions was a challenge I could handle.

Here is my finished project.

I now love this corner!

And because I have a couple cuties here is a picture from the other day.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Cinderella in the Making...

I have an industrious little house cleaner on my hands.

This is her favorite thing to do while I wash my face in the morning.

Putting away the laundry is another task Olivia embraces with great enthusiasm.

In fact this is what happens when I stop in the middle of laundry to take a picture.

And that is a tame glimpse of the sadness she feels when all of it has been put away and there is no more.

How long can I keep her this interested do you think?