Friday, November 14, 2014

Company Ready...

Apparently Facebook doesn't think much of my housekeeping skills. It's probably been peeking at the background of my photos. Today my newsfeed listed this article with the title "How to get your home ready for company in less than an hour".

I read it and got a good laugh. Obviously there were no kids factored into the equation. Little people under the age of two are universally good at two things: spreading germs and making messes. The article never mentioned picking up the scattered toys from the floor of every room, or wiping off baby fingerprints from every shiny surface, or getting that marker off the tabletop. Perhaps most importantly, there was no mention of how to find this elusive, uninterrupted hour in order to attempt this speed clean. If I really want to have a clean house, I start first thing in the morning. Everyday house life doesn't stop because company is coming. Kids still need to play, to be fed, and to be changed. I still have hours to put in for work and the grocery shopping doesn't do itself. And anything under two feet that you clean in the morning WILL have to be cleaned again during naptime and maybe one more time before the doorbell rings.

I am too social to let a thing like a clean house get in my way, and since even loading the dishwasher often leaves me in need of a sit-down (yes, I know I sound like i'm 100), I have become the queen of lowering my standards. During pregnancy I am tragically unapologetic for the disastrous state of my house. Those who have been inside our home these past few months have seen what happens when two little people run wild all day while I lay on the couch making a baby. It hasn't been pretty, but so far they keep coming back.

Many days it does bug me that the house is never clean. There are areas of the floor in our room I haven't seen since last spring. Yes, be shocked; I'm not proud of it, but that is the truth. One day I will raise my standards again and, although nobody will be taking pictures for pinterest, a clean house is something I might have on a regular basis. However, as long as my house is blessed with the noise and love of little ones, I'm pretty sure we will never be company ready in an hour. And that is not something to be sad about because this is what I've traded it for:

(Yes, Olivia is feeding Paige yogurt and yes, it got messy)

Saturday, November 8, 2014

What We Do...

One negative of a small town is the short options list of places to go when looking to get out of the house for a bit. Often we end up walking through the mall or visiting the local Goodwill. This last year the local Starbucks moved into it's own building outside of the mall so why not add it to our little list?

It is not a bad place to get a treat and keep a social toddler happy and a crabby baby entertained.

It's biggest draw might be the water cups and straws.

Olivia did some interpretive dancing to the Starbucks playlist before I got the camera out. Paden was embarrassed and asked Paige if she would ever to do things like that. Our guess is not likely. Having two girls who are so different is so much fun and I can't wait to find out how different/similar Blythe Baby Three will be!