Thursday, October 25, 2012

Our Spot...

How many times have you heard it said that couples who go on consistent date nights have better, longer lasting relationships? I'm going to embrace this sentiment wholeheartedly as the excuse for our weekly visits at the local winery.

Camas Prairie Winery has a sweet deal where you get five 3oz glasses for ten bucks - a great way to enjoy some variety. My personal favorite is the raspberry mead; so delicious! If you're looking for something less sweet, the Lemberg is also pretty tasty. In fact, if we're getting a bottle instead of a flight, we're more likely to go for that selection. We've also enjoyed a bottle of the Ewe Eye as a white wine with a unique taste.

It's the perfect weekly treat for a couple of wine lovers who don't want to empty their wallets in order to have a date. We've gone there enough that they now know who we are and say hi to Olivia every time we go in.

She's the perfect chaperone because she falls asleep pretty much every time.

There's something about being a regular somewhere that is so much fun. Since the husband gets off in the middle of the afternoon and we like to make our apperance in the middle of the week, we generally have the place to ourselves. It even has a comfy loft area upstairs that we like best.

You'll have to excuse me if I call it 'our spot.'

Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Peek Inside...

I promised to post pictures of our house so here goes.

Here's the kitchen - one of the most important rooms in the house. The cabinets are the original birch (refinished within the last ten years or so which is why they look so amazing still).

 There is more than enough room and unused cupboards, but that's the best kind of problem to have. Last week I was back at the old place cleaning the stove in order to make it presentable enough for showing and was reminded of how much I love this new stove top.

It's SO easy to clean, no more scrubbing away with SOS pads for me, I'll take the flat top any day.

I enjoy having this breakfast room right off the kitchen as well. I've always liked the idea of having both a dining room and a breakfast room.

Right off the breakfast room on the kitchen side is this neat built in desk.

Pretty handy! Apparently the original owner who designed and built the house was a cabinet maker. Something that came in handy in the bedrooms!

It's great having all that storage space built in. I don't even have a dresser anymore which keeps the room from feeling crowded since it's only modestly sized.

I can't be thankful enough for this bathroom after our last one; the tub is without any hard water stains!!

Then there is the baby's room. 

And the other half of the room. 

You can see the living room and dining room in the previous post which altogether is the main floor. There is a full basement downstairs as well. A portion of it is a couple storage rooms and a large laundry room. The other part is a mother in law suite with a small kitchen and it's own bathroom. We are in the love with the house and are looking forward to making memories here.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Baby Skills...

There are a lot of milestones in your life when you've been alive for only one hundred and twenty three days. Sometimes each week will bring a new skill.

The most heart warming milestone was when those smiles started to appear. At first they were few and far between, but now it only takes walking into the same room to see that face light up along with a great big smile.


Another great skill was learning to love the bumbo seat. When you can't sit up but love to look around, the bumbo seat is perfect for you when Mom is redoing furniture or messing around in the kitchen.

Grabbing toys is another skill set to add to the resume. Mom likes this form of self amusement that allows the laundry to get done with a happy baby.

Beyond a doubt, the favorite skill acquired during this one hundred and twenty three days of life is thumb sucking. It's always been a game to try and find the hands, but this past week or so, the thumb was discovered. It's been wonderful.

Need I say more?

And of course she was born with the skill of being the best daughter in the world.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Making This House Home....

These past few weeks I've been busy giving the living room a new look. It was a lot of work and I gained a few calluses, but it was well worth it.

 The initial look of the room was this.

(Note: The picture on the left is from the previous owners because I failed to get a before picture from that angle)

As you can see, there is not a lot of color. This is tragic in my opinion since I am a firm believer that color almost always makes the the world a better place. Unfortunately, this tragedy isn't confined to the living room either, every single wall in this place was that nondescript cream color. For right now, however, the living room is my focus.

 The other major problem I was faced with was that were too many different woods going on. 

There was the floor, the wood paneling, the entertainment center, the piano, the piano stool, and each bookshelf, all different wood stains. (That's seven different wood stains in one room in case you were keeping track)

So that was my first project to tackle.

Painting the entertainment center was easy. It didn't even require sanding. I just rolled on an oil-based coat of paint to completely transform it.

The two bookshelves were much trickier. Because they are laminated wood, I had to sand the laminate right off down to the particle board below. This took a lot more back work and several days to finally finish just that first step of sanding them down.

Fortunately Dad and the Bug were there to help out on occasion. I applied oil based primer and paint to come out with an awesome result.

You'll see that I also painted the piano stool to match as well.

Now all the faux wood furniture match tying the room together nicely so that it no longer feels like the hodgepodge of second hand furniture it very well is.

As the above pictures have indicated, the next thing I did was add color to the walls.

It's always a little tricky picking out a color from a paint swatch and imaging how it's going to look once it is one the walls. Lighting makes all the difference.

I was extremely pleased with how it all turned out. Alongside all the wood paneling and wood trim (original to the house back in 1950 btw) the green looks fantastic. The room now has a warm glow while keeping the integrity of natural feeling colors.

One day I'll replace that couch, but in the meantime it's that much easier to call this home.