Bedroom and Office

First the before pictures.

Within the last twenty years or so, an addition was made to the house including this bedroom.

A while back we lost an important piece to our bedframe during a move. As a result, for the last four years we've had our boxspring and mattress on the floor. It was a decent set up as it made otherwise tight bedroom spaces a little more roomy.

Shortly after we moved down to Kansas we picked out this bedroom set and have been very happy with it. It's a nice change to have space to move around freely even with large furniture items filling the room.

After a dark and drab bedroom, this natural light filled room is such a welcome change. It's amazing how light can affect you!

The open doorway looks right into what may be my favorite room in the house. At very least it is the one I spend the most time in (or would that be the kitchen?).

The large west facing window and the high ceiling make it feel open and bright even though it's quite a small space.

I love sitting next to a bright window. I almost always have fresh flowers sitting next to my desk. I'm pretty sure they boost productivity.

Paden or one of the girls often keep my company in this corner chair. If I find some quiet time, this is usually where I will sit with a book.

The room we use as our bedroom was originally built to be an office, so the closet is in the office space (even more bedroom space).

Eventually I'd like to add some floor rugs and a bench under the bedroom window. In the meantime I am loving these spaces!


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