Moving is a lot of work and we didn't have the best start. While Paden took finals and worked at Kramer, I was supposed to pack up the entire apartment. But I got sick and resorted to stuffing things into any old box at hand. Then, 4pm the day before we are supposed to pack up the trailer, U-Haul informs us that the trailer is an hour and a half away. When the trailer did finally arrive, it was not a relief. The thing was quite a bit smaller than we had figurered and suddenly I'm telling myself over and over: "It's just stuff. Everything is replaceable." Thanks to the Moscow Goodwill (possibly the best second hand store on this planet) everything is replaceable for a good price and what we left piled by that dumpster or sent back to the ranch has already been replaced.

Btw, in case any of you decide to pass through Nevada, take warning that there are long stretches without gas stations and just because the GPS says there is a gas station six miles off the highway is no garuntee that gas station has been used in the past ten years.

And now we are in Moscow. Being around old and very good friends again is a huge blessing and we intend to soak it up for all it is worth while we are here. The bagels are as tasty as they ever were; every bagel I eat makes me that much happier that steamed bagels are now such an important part of our lives. Winco feels like a dear friend and I challenge anyone who says there is a better grocery store on this planet. And right now the snow is gone so we don't even have the unplowed roads to complain about.

It's great to be back for a while. :)


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