This blog may have been silent and uneventful this summer, but that was not case in our lives.

The biggest change is that we have made the tragic discovery that Paden is intolerant to gluten. Oh, and likely allergic to red dye too. Coming from someone who holds bagels as near and dear to his heart as he does, this is a hard blow. Fortunately Winco does sell gluten free bagels, but nobody pretends they taste like a wheat bagel.

Also, Kara got happily married off. We had a disastrous trip to Chicago, just about everything that could go wrong did go wrong, from retarded seat assignments, to staying in a house with water so bad Paden caught an ear infection, to missing our flight by so short an amount of time we got to watch the plane slowly back out of the gate, to listening to a hysterical black woman (who apparently drank too much and missed her flight) all night long as we tried to sleep in the airport. Believe me, I could go on; it was an unforgettable trip. But Kara and Peter did get happily married so the mission was well accomplished.

We took a few trips, had a few out of town (even out of country) guests, went to a few more weddings, joined the church choir, and lived the general life style of work and friends our life revolves around for the time being.

Just last week, we took a trip down to KS to see the in laws. It was a great trip and I believe it's safe to say everyone had an enjoyable time. While we were visiting it was decided that we would be moving into the Corleone house.

Yes, moving into the house of  Corleone.

We won't be moving in tomorrow, or next week, or the week after that. These pictures will explain why.

WARNING: The following pictures are NOT for the faint of heart.

We inherited a couch and a couple lamps... oh, and a bunch of ink too.

Chris Krueger built that table. It's really big. And most people get bruised knees from sitting there.

Here's the kitchen. I didn't take picture of the inside of the fridge. You're welcome.

Anybody lose something?

Yeah.... we can't get a new tub either because we'd have to tear downs walls to get it into the bathroom.

Yes, that is a Koala bear. Maybe it was the offer that couldn't be refused.

Lovely carpet.

This is where the Godfather made his cave.

I'm super excited to have a W/D in the house!
But as you can probably deduce, there is no dishwasher.... :(

So these are all the before pictures. I'm a little nervous about the tub and I've learnt that even canned food I once believed would get mankind through Y2K can expire. Members of the Corleone house were generous enough to offer their help tomorrow. We'll see what kind of progress we can make. We've given ourselves a month to make this house shine again with even more than its former glory.

This will be the first house we will have lived in together. I'm excited.


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