The First Step


      Yesterday Craig Sproul and Big Z came over to the house with us. We attacked the kitchen and I braved the bathroom. Big Z was a great help, I think the flower helped keep him focus.

      I used bleach inside all the cupboards and ruined a sponge. The cupboards were filled with dishes and odds and ends which filled two or three of those extra large leaf bags. The few items you see on the counter below along with a small box of things were a few saveable items. The fridge and the stove had to go, so an appliance remover took them off our hands. And I really can't wait to cut that tree down so we'll actually be able to see outside the window.

    It could have been much worse under the stove and fridge, but the linoleum was replace almost 2 years ago, so there was not enough time for the floor to build up to a worse level of filth.

     Paden wanted to brave the floor cleaning. So he grabbed the broom and mopped up the floor getting the worst of it off. Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of what an improvement it made, but that will come later.

     The kitchen is now completely sanitized. All that's left is to get rid of the hideous paint. Big Z agreed that the color is just not a kitchen color. It's a bathroom color. Color is important, and kitchens should not be soothing minty colors. They should have deeper and strong tones, or else sterile clean tones. Right now if I were to cook in that kitchen I'd feel like I was cooking in a bathroom. And that's just weird.

    Speaking of the bathroom, I don't have any pictures of that yet either although I spent a lot of time in there. It already looks a better, but that tub is nowhere near done. I poured ammonia (nearly killed my lungs) into the tub and spread lots of baking soda over it. After scrubbing off the top layer of stains, I reapplied the solution and it is now sitting and hopefully soaking into those stains. I don't know how white this tub will end up, but it won't be from lack of trying.

      And so it begins.


  1. Wow, I love seeing the improvements in this house! I should come see it in real life sometime.

    Also, I just tagged your blog as Versatile. See my post about it.


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