I haven't updated on the house project in a while. I do have a good excuse. The past several weeks I have been undergoing the glories of morning sickness. (Which btw is a misnomer because it has nothing to do with just the morning hours)

The house has been undergoing transformation in the meantime, however. Somehow I have even managed to document the important parts.Some walls got torn out for a modest remodel of this oddly designed house.

What used to be an entry closet, bedroom closet, and built in bookshelf were torn out. You will see the reasons why shortly.

 The other side of the orange wall - inside the bedroom.

 And the carpets and baseboards were removed. Can't wait to get rid of the purple wall!

October 29th was the final move in date and thanks to friends the contents of an unpacked apartment was moved over to the house.

This is what it looked like for the first couple weeks. Actually, it looked a little worse than this, this is a cleaned up version.

 The above is my little morning sickness station. Note the computer on propped up on a box to enable easy watching of Netflix. Out of sight are the gingerale cans and soda cracker boxes :D

Yesterday Dad and Taylor arrived all ready to work. Here's the magic they have performed so far!

 Getting ready to put up some walls.

 And wa-la! The holes are walled up.

The other side of the walled up holes. The starting of a walk-in closet. Everybody loves a walk-in closet. And by removing the previous entry and bedroom closet, the room gained about two feet as well as the large closet. Win win.

The kitchen is currently still undergoing its transformation, but Taylor our professional expert is hard at work and soon the final results will be seen.

More exciting updates will be forthcoming! Stay tuned.


  1. Some of us are going to miss the old kitchen colours. Just saying.

  2. Had no idea you were pregnant! So happy for you :) The morning sickness is so worth it, I promise!


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