Getting Big and Waiting

Nine months is a long time to wait for anything, but it's an especially long time to wait for your little baby to be born. For some reason or another it didn't seemed so terribly long when it was someone else's baby coming. Now when people tell me my pregnancy is "going by so fast" I have to stop and remember that I used to feel the same way about everybody else. I'm sure a large part of the reason my own pregnancy feels so long is because it is an event I am constantly remind of every hour of every day, no exceptions. There is no forgetting to think about it for a few days during the nine months the little bugger is growing.

Yet here I am, two thirds of the way done and feeling more human than I have throughout the entire pregnancy. I have stopped counting how far along I am in weeks though. Counting that way made me feel like time was dragging. Now I just think about how many months there are left - now that I'm entering the third trimester, I feel like all the milestones are over anyway and there is nothing left to do but get big and wait. The best part of being this far along is feeling our daughter moving around and being so 'alive.' I like to say Olivia is already taking after her Dad because she won't sit still, especially when you want her to. Apparently she thinks nighttime is the best time to jump around and roll somersaults. I really enjoy feeling her squirm around and give her little kicks (and I'm thankful she's not too strong yet!). Every movement is a reminder of a new life starting: the miraculousness of creating life never gets old. This little baby girl is already much loved. :)


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