Counting Down...

It is now less than a month until when we can start to expect Olivia's arrival and I'm about as ready as I can be. Today the diaper bag I ordered arrived and, once I fill it, there won't be anything left to do. Because we will be moving into our house approximately 6 weeks after the baby's arrival, I have been forced to postpone the pleasure of setting up the nursery. The crib and dresser set is still in it's neatly packed factory box. It hasn't been easy, but I have resisted the urge to open it and start assembling it all. Instead I have cleared out a corner of a junk filled bedroom to make space for the bassinet that a coworker very sweetly bought so Olivia will have something nicer than a pack 'n play to sleep in. Once I convince Paden to move the reloading table there will be just enough room for a chair and a changing table in there too. It will all have to do for a month and a half - but don't be surprised if the first room I set up in our new house is the baby's room.

I have three weeks left at my current job. Definitely ready for this role change!


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