Final Days...

We are exactly six days from Olivia's due date. This means she can come at any time. And by any time of course I mean either tonight or possibly two weeks from now. Paden and I communicated to her that this weekend would be quite convenient for us, but I'm not sure she was paying very close attention what we were saying. This past week I put in my last day at the Dentist Office. While I'll really miss some of the best co-workers you could ask for, I couldn't be happier to be done there and to be moving onto a new life style. One I'm pretty sure I'll find a whole lot more rewarding and enjoyable.

Here is Olivia's temporary nursery. Thanks to Hollie for the beautiful bassinet - a big step up from the pack 'n play! This is just one corner of the room - the other half of the room is filled with miscellaneous stuff, but it'll definitely do until the big move later this summer.

Yesterday was our second anniversary so we went to dinner. We have a lot to celebrate right now: our anniversary, the baby, me finishing work, being first time homeowners... God has been very good to us this year and we are very blessed. Here's us all excited about the baby.

We weren't having the best of luck getting a picture where one of us didn't look dorky, so Paden decided it would be funny to ham it up right before the flash went off.

So here here we are having a little fun. Don't worry, the pipe's not lit and I wasn't the one who drank the bottle of wine.


  1. :) you are funny. and it makes me happy that there will be three of you soon. and i can't wait to meet Olivia. and i love you! :)

  2. I am super curious and excited about what kind of a person Olivia will be, considering her crazy fun parents. :)


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