It's a Big Day...

Today is a big day for two reasons.

First, the kitchen plumbing is finally fixed after I was brilliant enough to degrease the hamburger down the kitchen sink on Sunday. Apparently we have very small pipes that clog easily - though I really should have known better anyway. This means I actually have to cook dinner tonight. I've used the lack of a kitchen sink as an excuse to say "dinner is whatever you want from the fridge," and also to try Smokey Mountain's gluten free pizza. (Paden much prefers Pizza Perfection's gluten free pizza which he says tastes like real pizza, Smokey Mountain's gf pizza apparently taste too much like someone put pizza on bread.) Anyways, it feels good not to have stacks and stacks of dishes and pots all over the counter tops. It was getting tricky to find a pan to make eggs in for breakfast. So tonight I think I'm going to try and cook ratatouille - it'll be my first experience with eggplant. The recipe looks pretty complicated, but this is probably the last time in my life for a long time that I'll be able to experiment with such recipes so I might as well take advantage of it while I can.

Second is the realization that our little bug is three months old tomorrow! These last few days or more she's been experiencing an intense growth spurt making all her other growth spurts like nothing. She's managing to sneak in an extra two to three feedings and for the first time she's fussy throughout the day with no apparent reason. Makes me grateful for what a good and easy baby she is most of the time! Although this growth spurt has meant a couple nights of me getting up more than the usual one feeding time and also for making a more inconvenient day of not being able to get much done, it's also very exciting because it means she's growing. According to our home scale (who knows how accurate that is) she has gone from being born in the 3rd percentile for weight, to now above the 50th. Yeah, this is super exciting for mom.

Oh, and the discovery of the week is that tummy-time is ok when, and only when, it takes place on the diaper changing station. Go figure.


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