Turkeyless and Thankful...

I had a great blog post planned for this Thanksgiving weekend. I was going to take pictures of my first experience of cooking turkey and of perfectly set table to be shared with friends on my first time hosting an American Thanksgiving. I thought maybe I'd try and get some pictures showing us having a good time together around the table - maybe more showing us in the living room playing a game or something too. Then maybe I'd write some sentiments about how thankful I am for good friends. Something like that.

Instead I spent Wednesday night tossing and turning with a pretty nasty flu bug. (Ever tried to feed a baby at 2 am while holding back the pukes?) Thursday morning Paden handed off my first little six and a half pound turkey to someone else. We spent the rest of the day watching tv. Fortunately the bug was gone almost as quickly as it came, just not quite quickly enough. I can't lie, I was pretty bummed at first.

Then I thought back to one year ago. I was sick for that Thanksgiving too. But for a very different reason. Last Thanksgiving our little bug was about the size of a lime  inside of me. Now she's currently rolling around on the floor talking to her pink soother.

A year ago we were in a house that was far from homey. After more than a month of being there, it was still only a tangle of boxes and furniture with some lumber and tools thrown around. Now we live in our own home and have begun to make memories in it with our little girl.

A year ago I worked at a job I hated quite a lot. Now I have the best job in the whole world.

Sometimes (ok, maybe a lot) I get caught up in my projects or other things going on that I forget to stop and get my joy from God and what He has given me. Sure, that lovely Thanksgiving dinner I'd spent two weeks planning vaporized into nothing and I didn't get to set a table to be filled with the laughter of good company. But at the end of the day I have more than my fair share to be thankful for.

So happy Thanksgiving everyone - turkey or not.


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