Back in Gear for the Holidays...

The last several weeks have been a little crazy. That little 'flu' on Thanksgiving turned out to be part of a larger picture, namely a nasty infection. When filling out a medical history sheet, I've always left pretty much all of it blank. So this was my first medical situation and it included a little trip to the ER for an IV. It all snuck up on me so slowly I didn't realize how sick I was until I was on those antibiotics. I thought I was just getting lazy this past month when I couldn't motivate myself to do anything. Now I feel like superwoman. The past few days have been more productive than all the six weeks beforehand. Yay for modern medicine and great doctors!

And just in time for Christmas! This last weekend I pulled out our tree. No, it's not real, but hey, it's far less messy and doesn't cost a penny. I'll just buy some pine needle scented candles or something.

You'll have to excuse the gap of lights... they all worked when I put them up on the tree then of course one bulb died and I haven't been able to track down which one is the culprit yet. Gotta love continuous circuit christmas lights.

The little bug likes the tree although she makes a funny face when she tries to grab the pokey branches.

Speaking of, she is six months old today and growing like a weed!

In just two weeks our Christmas vacation starts. The shop closes up and we head up north to Canada. Since my cousin is getting married and most of the extended family will be there, it's going to be one big, happy Christmas.

I can't wait.


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