Time to Grow...

It has been a while since I last blogged, but I have a really good excuse.
Namely this little blur.

Due to arrive Boxing Day and we can't wait for this Christmas package!

Somehow I had convinced myself that this time around the morning sickness wouldn't be so bad. Wishful thinking. My body just doesn't like being pregnant apparently. This time I bullied the doctor into prescribing the strongest stuff they have for nausea so at least I am on my feet sometimes now.

It was so great to have Paden's parents here for a week during some of the rough times. Olivia got to go on many walks and receive more attention throughout the day then she'd been able to conjure out of me. She got a big kick out of Mabelle showing youtube videos of different animals.

Dad and Winston also stopped through Moscow on their way back from Texas where Winston just passed his doctorate dissertation.

In one week Olivia gets to celebrate her very first birthday. Her Grandma is driving down from Canada to be party to this occasion. Also, just in time for her first birthday, Olivia has started walking which has been so much fun to watch!

This little girl just keeps growing and growing!


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