Visiting Friends...

Last week we got to have Jeff and Laurel stay with us. Due to my being sick last November we were unable to go to their wedding at the last minute. We were disappointed not to see them married off, but we sure had a good time introducing Laurel to this great little town Moscow. (It was also fun for us to go back to the old college day sites we don't see anymore!)

Now we just need to convince them to move down here for good.

In other small time life events, Olivia was being quiet the other day. Usually this means she is having a whole lot of fun doing something she doesn't get to do often. In other words she's up to no good. Sure enough, I walked in to find she had worn a hole through the top of a Keurig Cup. Fortunately this Keurig Cup was not full of coffee but of yummy hot chocolate powder.

Yum yum!


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