Starting the Season...

Christmas is 19 days away. I know because Paige is due the next day and that is a mere 20 days away. Of course if she feels like making her appearance sooner there would be no complaining here! Last week we set up her 'nursery' in what was the breakfast room. Rather, it has been the room that, for the past 8 months, has been used to hide all the mess and stuff in the house. Since we have survived so long with a non-functioning breakfast room, I figured we could survive a couple months longer and give Paige her own nursery.

Sorting through newborn clothes, it took me by surprise how tiny they are compared with Olivia's current clothing. Right now she doesn't feel so tiny in there. 

Once the nursery was taken care of, we were ready to start off the Christmas season by setting up the tree. 

Olivia was pretty interested in the lights.                                                                But sometimes you just need a Dad snuggle.

Right now I am enjoying the last years of themed, non-kid decorated Christmas trees. I must say though, it sure is wonderful having a toddler running around - I doubt I will really miss it.

Maybe before Christmas we can retake the above picture and you will actually be able to see Paige.

Merry Christmas!


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