Blythe Baby Three....

So this is happening.

While up in Canada visiting family, we discovered we weren't going to remain a family of four much longer. Although this was not part of our tidy near-future plane, it was impossible not to be pretty excited about the news of the littlest Blythe. My fear was knowing in a short time morning sickness would hit and the rest of summer plans would probably be put on hold. Sure enough, it hit fast and hard and by the time we got home from our trip I was already calling the doctor's office for Zofran. Within a week of that I was couch ridden no matter how much zofran I took.

It was definitely hard going from a busy Mom of two and feeling like I could do needed to get done to dreading the moment I'd have to get off the couch and change a diaper. Even reading a book to Olivia would make the nausea come. Fortunately I have Emili here to help several days a week in the morning. She keeps this house in some semblance of order and Olivia is always excited when I tell her Emili is coming today.

But the good news is that I think the worst might be over. This last weekend I had several hours of the day where I was nausea free. I still was unable be on my feet very long at a time, but could read to Olivia without grabbing for a bucket. I even left the house for the first time going to the ultrasound appointment Monday. It's amazing how the simple things we do every day suddenly become a big deal when you haven't been able to do them for a month. I'm hopeful more good days are coming soon and can you think of a better reason to be sick?

Boy are we looking forward to March 2015!


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