Gender Reveal...

Thursday was finally the big day to find out if this third little Blythe is a boy or girl! Things have been more than a little crazy for Paden at work and he has been working long hours 6 days a week. In light of that, I had rescheduled the appointment multiple times to find a time he would be able to attend. To cut a long story short, after a lot of rescheduling (including three reschedules on the day of!) and Paden NOT being able to make it at the last minute, I FINALLY ended up in the ultrasound room with the two girls in tow. The girls were well behaved for the most part - until about halfway through when Paige decided the stroller was too boring.

All that to say, apparently we do girls well because it's another sister!

We are going to be a house full of girls!

Before the ultrasound we had a short list of names, but soon after getting home scrapped them. Then we had another name chosen, but now I am wavering on that. So apparently we need a little more time to settle on what exactly her name will be.

In the meantime, here are some pictures from Saturday night. The last Saturday of October, the local college puts on a fall carnival for the kids. The kids were too little to do much except for get an animal balloon, but it was a great excuse to make the girls look cute and be sure to get a really good night's sleep out of them.

Olivia couldn't wait to go to the "patty" (party).

The pumpkin is about to fall over and the ladybug's camera face is pretty scrunchy.

And a more candid moment with a jumping toddler and a baby not impressed with her hat.


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