Christmas 2014...

This year we spent Christmas up in Canada with my side of the family. It's fun watching the cousins get older and start to be able to play together. Dad decided to give Olivia and cousin Jeannie the experience of getting to make homemade ice cream. It was a pretty big hit.

There was lots of eating, gifts, and family making for a great Christmas. Then Olivia decided to come down with a case of croup Christmas night which then turned into bronchitis and now a hefty double ear infection. However, being the hearty trooper that she is, she is mostly just super excited to be allowed to watch Shaun the Sheep all day long. Hopefully now we that have antibiotics we'll have a healthy Olivia to ring in the New Year.

Meanwhile Paige is perfecting her walking skills and picking up some vocabulary. Since being home she has dedicated most of her time to walking around the house with a ball repeating "Ball. Ball." I think these past two days have been the happiest days of her life.

Here's to a future of blurry Paige photos.


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