Now It Is February...

It's finally February. This means we are about a month away from meeting our newest baby girl! This also means I should probably set up the nursery and get things ready soon. I have been telling Olivia about the new baby. Her understanding is pretty hazy and she likes to point to her own belly and pronounce "baby!" Whatever Olivia's understanding is, Paige is definitely in for a shock when her short-lived place as baby of the family is taken away.

The one thing I have done in preparation for baby's arrival is potty train Olivia. It may have been a stressful week for mom, but Olivia LOVED being allowed to roam half naked all week.

In preparation of soon becoming a big sister, Paige has learnt how to climb up on one of the chairs. Now one of her favorite pastimes is to sit on the chair like a big person.

We are so ready for March to come!


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