Four Months of Life...

Taya is four months old today.

This one knows how to smile. She smiles at every person. She smile at every object. If staring at a blank white ceiling, she smiles at that too. (Secretly we think she sees fairies and talks to them.)

Honestly she has a lot to smile about with two sisters who adore her.

I think they all look good together.

Although to be honest, this is a more accurate portrayal of what life is like in this house.

That's why we love digital photography where you can capture the moment you are looking for even though it only lasted about two seconds.

Having three kids under three is no joke. There is a lot of this.

On a good day, this is the kind of mess you find in the kitchen.

And I'm definitely loosing my mind. Proof is found when hours after lunch I discover that I put the cinnamon in the microwave.

It's a constant battle of "don't eat sand." (even if you do look cute doing it)

But then spontaneous moments like this really do happen.

These moments aren't contrived by taking a million shots and picking the one that looks like what you want it to look like.

These moments are genuine and never fail to make this mom's heart melt.

This kind of love can't be contrived. So I always try to have my camera ready. At the end of day these shots may be grainy and out of focus, but they are my favorites because they are real.



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