A Kansas Wedding...

A week ago we took a trip to KS to witness my sister-in-law's wedding. We left long before the sun the got up to fly in a plane. Olivia thought the plan was too small and asked for a bigger one. Meanwhile Paige just wanted to know why we weren't back in bed.

The ranch is a perfect place to a couple of toddlers. There were pony cart rides.

Meals outside at their own special table.

And of course lots of kitties,

The big event of the week was watching this beautiful bride get married off!

It was a lovely wedding.

Olivia did a great job being the flower girl.

But more than walking down the aisle in a pretty little dress, these two sisters danced for two and a half hours non-stop at the reception.

Oh to have that kind of energy again! I'm still not quite sure we have recovered from all the fun and excitement!


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