Today is Canadian Thanksgiving. Down here in Idaho it passes as a regular Monday. But a day to stop and be thankful can never come often enough.

This blog has been silent for a while with reason. To cut a long story short, when life fell completely apart, I finally got diagnosed with sleep apnea. Three weeks after starting treatment, life has turned a dramatic 180. Life has gone from being a daily struggle to being full of joy and hope again. I have days now where I know it's been years since I felt this clear.

So here's my Canadian Thanksgiving thankfulness list.

I am thankful for the beautiful thing real sleep is and that our house is now blessed with it almost every night (a baby and two toddlers included!)

I am thankful my doctor happens to be a sleep specialist and that he listened carefully to my case and helped me find a simple and fast solution.

I am thankful for my amazing mother in law who dropped everything and lived with us for two weeks when I could no longer take care of the girls.

I am thankful for the noise, laughter, and beauty of our three little girls.

I am thankful for my husband and the love he shows me daily

I am thankful that no matter how well or bad we perform in times of trial, God is still faithful.


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