Life Continuing...

Life has a lot going on these days. Sometimes it's big things. Sometimes it's little things. One of the little things I find myself doing at some point every day is searching for the beloved soothers. (Pacifiers as they say south of the border.)  It's a true mystery as to where they go. Sometimes one child is hoarding them. Sometimes the other accidentally rolls it under a sofa or bed. Sometimes they are simply never seen again. So when I ran my hand down the side of the big brown recliner yesterday, it was very satisfying to find this.

That should get us going for a few more days. I have another set coming in the mail. By the time it arrives we may really need them again. The small things aren't always as small as they seem, let me tell you.

Now for the kids:

Drawing, dancing, reading, imaginary friend and animal games are just a few of Olivia's many favorite things to do. This kid has so much personality she cracks us up. And herself too.

Although they love to play together and can hardly stand to be apart long, you'll never find sisters so different.

This is a common Paige face. Although she may come across as very serious (which is true) we think she may be our stand up comedian child. She is very aware of when she is making people laugh. Sometimes you don't realize she is making you laugh on purpose because she has the most incredible poker face.

Now that Taya is crawling, we are back to the "make sure you shut the door" phase. Incidentally we just got out of that phase with Paige a couple months ago.

This little girl is loving the world these days with all sorts of new skills. It's a busy life when you are trying to keep up with your big sisters.


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