No Such Thing As Normal...

Looking forward into 2016 what I saw wasn't exactly calm and peaceful, but it was definitely normal. We would thrive on a regular routine that lasted for more than a few months (I'm a sucker for routines). We would live a nice normal life free from the craziness that has followed us the last few years. But it is not to be. Not at all.

It's all happened insanely fast, but this family is up and moving to Kansas! We are going to be living the ranch life. A farmhouse is being made ready for arrival which may be as soon as April.

This last week was a chaos of packing up boxes and making this crazy cluttered house presentable for selling. It went up on the market officially today and we already have a showing scheduled. Getting the house ready for showing has inspired me to live in a more minimalist style. The amount of space we have after removing almost half our stuff is so freeing. The house never felt so big and airy and full of light. But I think the girls will start to miss the other half of their toys before too long.

Along with this move is a mixture of many emotions. Excitement at a new adventure. Fear of leaving the known. Sadness of leaving friends. Anticipation of moving toward something better and being near family. Stress of juggling prepping a house for sale, three tiny ones, and work. But definitely peace that leaving this stage of life and entering into this new one is absolutely what we are called to right now.

And it's just in the nick of time too. I never exchanged my KS license for an ID one and it expires this summer.

In other news, the youngest Blythe just turned 11 months old. Where did the last 11 months go?


  1. Oh man. We're going to miss the five of you so much. We just stopped and listened to all the tiny running footsteps above us last night, haha.


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