Taya's Birthday

Our littlest girl turned One a couple weeks ago.

What a fun bundle this little girl is! Maybe it's being the youngest of three in a row, but she is incredibly easy going and sweet... until she needs to stand up for herself and then there is nobody fiercer! I don't think we'll ever have to worry about this girl being taken advantage of.

To celebrate her birthday, I made a fun butterfly cake.

But Taya went for the pink cupcakes instead. This girl knows how to put away a cupcake. She also holds the record in this house for being the first baby who turned one with hair on their head.

Grandpa and Grandma were here for the weekend to help celebrate.

What a sweet gift we were all given a year ago.

Taya walked so early it seems like she should be even older than she is. It appears we are all doing our best to hold onto Taya's last baby moments.


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