The Kitchen

The majority of our renovations are complete. I wish this meant we had finished all the little things that need to be done on this new house of ours, but the little things appear to be endless. So we may be a long ways from perfection, but are still very much loving this great new place of ours!

I happen to have some before and after pictures.

Take in that special shade of green and those wood laminate countertops. (On the left is the laundry room and on the right is the dining room.)

Whose idea was it to put carpet in kitchens? That door on the right was a second staircase going to the basement that has been converted to a spacious pantry. (Dining room again to the left.)

There was a lot of great space to work with so we started putting the pieces together.

First step was to removing some of the greens. I like green as much as anyone, but those walls... am I right? The green sink was replaced with a black one that happened to be on hand, the green tile with a new backsplash, and the walls with the perfect shade of yellow. Also the laminate wood was replaced with a brand new countertop.

I just have to say that I am in love with my new stove. It's a flat top with two separate ovens that I already use frequently. Apparently I like baking foods that require different temperature settings. One of the 'little things' we still need to do is replace the green tile still left behind the stove. Also note the beautiful flooring!

This kitchen has a great amount of space. Even with our eating table in the middle, there is plenty of room for a crowd which is what I usually get with my three tiny 'helpers.'

It takes a bit to get used to the flow of a new kitchen and sometimes I miss how bright my old one was, but I'm already loving the walking space, the fact I can empty almost all my dishwasher without taking more than two steps, and my huge pantry so I'm not longer stuffing all my groceries in cupboards (sorry, no picture of the pantry!) It doesn't hurt that the view outside the kitchen window is a large field where at least once a day you'll see a long train of cattle walk by.


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