Brush and Floss

I've been a dental assistant for about a month now. My first week there left me feeling beat up yet optomistic that this was going to be the best job ever. My second week left me with the realization that either my post-graduation brain was mush or else they were throwing more information than was strictly speaking humane. After my third week I wondered if they regretted hiring me. But when week four was done I realized I actually knew I what was doing... how else could I be doing all the assisting by myself? And now I'm actually looking forward to going to work because I know I can go an entire day without feeling like an idiot. These last five weeks have just proved that immersion is the fastest (if not most stressful) way to learn a new language. And believe me, they do speak another language there.

When I first got this job, I believe the response of my family can be summed up in one word. "Ew." Obviously it isn't exactly an asthetically pleasing job, but the sight of blood itself never bothered me and I don't have a phobia of other people's mouths. True, after some bloody extractions when I'm sucking a gallon of bleach water up the suction tubes and wiping the room five times over I pray that I have at least 24 hours befor I have to see anymore blood, but all in all, the job is fascianating. One device in particular is my favorite. Generally when you get a crown, you come in, get your tooth drilled, get an impression of your teeth, then get a temporary on while the impression is sent to the lab. Two weeks later you come back for your crown. But now we have this cool machine called the Cerac. Now you come in to get your tooth drilled, get a picture taken of your tooth, watch as the Dr uses a computer program to design your new crown, and wait about 20 minutes while the mill in the back uses diamonds to cut a perfectly shaped tooth you can hardly tell isn't your original. Pretty awesome if you ask me.

Oh, and I'm an avid brusher and flosser now. And I don't mind telling everyone I know that they should be too. Believe me, you don't want to be that poor guy in the chair wondering if he can afford the 2 thousand dollar tooth treatment to get a root canal and crown to save that vital chewing tooth. Because that happens reguarlarly and often all it takes is brushing and flossing to avoid the whole situation all together.

So brush and floss ever day.


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