Still Growing

This last Thursday marked exactly two months until we can expect to meet Olivia in person. This is very exciting. Finally I really really look pregnant and can enjoy wearing cute maternity clothes instead of feeling none of my clothes belong to me.

Here you can see Olivia's growth with just two months left to go.

I've discovered that my arms are too short for pregnancy. I'm not really sure what I will do in another month when she's even bigger. It was really tough trying to reach the last sock at the very bottom of the washing machine yesterday. And don't get me started on trying to empty the grocery cart at Winco. It's going to be a serious issue in another month or so.
So far this third trimester has been by far the best! Morning sickness FINALLY seems to have disappeared. It's amazing how different life feels when you're not dealing with constant nausea and an overall crappy feeling. It's like I've been on a high for the past month, but I'm pretty sure this is the way I used to feel this way all the time. My sympathy for people with long term illnesses has definitely gone to a whole new level. I also have waaaay more energy than I have since 6 months ago which I'm incredibly thankful for. The thought of going for even a short walk seemed indomitable for so long. Now I feel up to it daily. Life is just really good right now.

Now for a couple more months of growing before we get to hold our daughter. :)


  1. Man, maybe I'll finally be grateful for my gorilla like arms in a few months.

    So glad that you're feeling better. It's about time.


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