A Peek Inside...

I promised to post pictures of our house so here goes.

Here's the kitchen - one of the most important rooms in the house. The cabinets are the original birch (refinished within the last ten years or so which is why they look so amazing still).

 There is more than enough room and unused cupboards, but that's the best kind of problem to have. Last week I was back at the old place cleaning the stove in order to make it presentable enough for showing and was reminded of how much I love this new stove top.

It's SO easy to clean, no more scrubbing away with SOS pads for me, I'll take the flat top any day.

I enjoy having this breakfast room right off the kitchen as well. I've always liked the idea of having both a dining room and a breakfast room.

Right off the breakfast room on the kitchen side is this neat built in desk.

Pretty handy! Apparently the original owner who designed and built the house was a cabinet maker. Something that came in handy in the bedrooms!

It's great having all that storage space built in. I don't even have a dresser anymore which keeps the room from feeling crowded since it's only modestly sized.

I can't be thankful enough for this bathroom after our last one; the tub is without any hard water stains!!

Then there is the baby's room. 

And the other half of the room. 

You can see the living room and dining room in the previous post which altogether is the main floor. There is a full basement downstairs as well. A portion of it is a couple storage rooms and a large laundry room. The other part is a mother in law suite with a small kitchen and it's own bathroom. We are in the love with the house and are looking forward to making memories here.


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