Our Spot...

How many times have you heard it said that couples who go on consistent date nights have better, longer lasting relationships? I'm going to embrace this sentiment wholeheartedly as the excuse for our weekly visits at the local winery.

Camas Prairie Winery has a sweet deal where you get five 3oz glasses for ten bucks - a great way to enjoy some variety. My personal favorite is the raspberry mead; so delicious! If you're looking for something less sweet, the Lemberg is also pretty tasty. In fact, if we're getting a bottle instead of a flight, we're more likely to go for that selection. We've also enjoyed a bottle of the Ewe Eye as a white wine with a unique taste.

It's the perfect weekly treat for a couple of wine lovers who don't want to empty their wallets in order to have a date. We've gone there enough that they now know who we are and say hi to Olivia every time we go in.

She's the perfect chaperone because she falls asleep pretty much every time.

There's something about being a regular somewhere that is so much fun. Since the husband gets off in the middle of the afternoon and we like to make our apperance in the middle of the week, we generally have the place to ourselves. It even has a comfy loft area upstairs that we like best.

You'll have to excuse me if I call it 'our spot.'


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