Baby Skills...

There are a lot of milestones in your life when you've been alive for only one hundred and twenty three days. Sometimes each week will bring a new skill.

The most heart warming milestone was when those smiles started to appear. At first they were few and far between, but now it only takes walking into the same room to see that face light up along with a great big smile.


Another great skill was learning to love the bumbo seat. When you can't sit up but love to look around, the bumbo seat is perfect for you when Mom is redoing furniture or messing around in the kitchen.

Grabbing toys is another skill set to add to the resume. Mom likes this form of self amusement that allows the laundry to get done with a happy baby.

Beyond a doubt, the favorite skill acquired during this one hundred and twenty three days of life is thumb sucking. It's always been a game to try and find the hands, but this past week or so, the thumb was discovered. It's been wonderful.

Need I say more?

And of course she was born with the skill of being the best daughter in the world.


  1. I love the thumb sucking pics! so cute!

  2. Your pictures are so wonderful! I love them. Go Olivia!


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