First Week of Spring....

What a great week this has been!

First my Mom came to visit and this little girl turned nine months old.

Then my Dad, brother and sister along with some friends followed to attend a very happy and very beautiful wedding.

(I stole this photo from someone off Facebook.)

Then we spent two days up on Coeur D'Alene with my family and some old family friends.

 It was Winston's birthday, so we enjoyed a chocolate pie and watched him wave the candles out since he had a cold and couldn't blow them out.

The weather cooperated rather nicely for us.

Then, shortly after coming home, a friend and I discovered a great consignment shop in Pullman where I came upon one of those amazing finds every shopper dreams of. In this particular case it was a cream chiffon dress for a great price. Now spring weather just needs to rush in a little faster so I can wear it.

Also, Olivia has taken up dancing. Facebook offers video proof.

Life is never perfect. The same week the computer died with 6 months worth of pictures and there was no starting it. I didn't really breathe again until I saw that blue glow of the screen again a few days later.  But it's always good to focus on the good things and this week made it easy.

Happy spring everyone.


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