Everyone Loves a Wedding...

And now we have rolled right into August somehow. Here in Moscow, August came with some cooler weather and a thunderstorm. Something I am thankful for!

Last weekend Fraser and Bobbi Martens got married off. We had four guests spending the weekend with us. Two of whom were this couple who just got engaged! Looks like we will be making a trip up to Canada this year after all since they are planning an October wedding. Thanks for the excuse guys! I am very excited to be gaining a new sister.

It was a beautiful wedding. The landscape behind the head table was the gold and green, rolling palouse hills. Of course, more beautiful still was the deliriously happy couple. Don't they make the landscape look good?

Now our calendar for the next couple months looks uncharacteristically blank. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the company we have been having, but a break might be welcome now.

In ten days we have an appointment to find out whether our Christmas baby is going to be a boy or girl. Since both sides of the family are all girls at this point, we have had a lot of votes for a boy. I think it's a girl however. Hopefully the baby cooperates and the mystery will soon be uncovered.


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