Family Escape...

Moscow had its first snowfall of the year a couple weekends ago. What choice did we have but to pack our bags and head south for a week of 80 plus degree weather? It seemed like the right thing to do.

We flew down to Arizona for a long anticipated vacation for the whole Ewert family. We are now a group of twelve (and growing!).

My Dad did all the work planning this great getaway for us all and we stayed at a beautiful home in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

The pool and hot tub were well used.

Olivia found her Zen with Aunt Sandy. Much to our amusement she floated blissfully like this on her back for several minutes at complete peace with the world.

One day the guys all went golfing. Most of us girls decided to visit Butterfly Wonderland instead. We got to watch a butterfly emerge from its cocoon all wet and wrinkly - so amazing to watch the wings uncurl and begin to dry! In the atrium itself, we were surrounded by colorful butterflies of all shapes and sizes. They seem to approve of Mom's red top.

I am pretty sure the biggest hit for Olivia was the carousel at the Train Park a few days later. 

In fact it was so much fun, Uncle Winston took her for a second ride.

Half a day's drive away from our vacation spot lives an old college friend whom I have not seen since her wedding. Since then we have both had little girls a few months apart. She and her little family were able to drive over and join us for the weekend.

It was a wonderful time to catch up and see how much our lives have been blessed since we were single college girls.

We were welcomed back to Moscow with a little more snow, but it was good to be home.


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