Wedding Bells...

Due to getting a new computer and switching everything over to the new one, this post is a little outdated. About three weeks ago now, we drove up to Canada for Taylor and Esther's wedding. It was such a happy occasion to see these two say their wedding vows to each other.

The night before the wedding, the wedding party came to my parents' place for Greek food.

For dessert we ordered a Dairy Queen ice cream cake. The best ice cream cake there is in my opinion. Here are the happy lovebirds with the cake.

Sadly my camera battery died for the ceremony, but it was very beautiful. Esther was a lovely bride - I managed to snag a picture with her at the reception.

Hard to believe it was only about ten months ago that the below two love birds tied the knot themselves. Looks like they are still in love with each other.

When I told Jason and Sandy to look cute for a picture, Jason said he didn't do cute. Good thing Sandy does.

Paden and I thoroughly enjoyed our time at a wedding neither of us were in and where all we had to do was attend some parties.


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