Christmas Baby...

We got our wish. Paige's timing was impeccable. The day the shop closed up and Christmas vacation began, Paige made her hasty arrival in the very early morning on December 22nd.

Hours Old
Her choice of time enabled our family to be back at home to enjoy Christmas day. Here is a retake of the Christmas family photo where you can actually see Paige.

Three Days Old on Christmas Day
Paige must be striving for the title World's Best Baby. Not only did she arrive at the best time possible, she also has proven to be a very easy baby who sleeps and eats very well and rarely cries. What a great little Christmas present.

Four Days Old
Olivia is fond of her sister and Paige receives numerous head pats and gifts of toys from her older sister.

 We had my parents, Winston and Tabitha here to celebrate Christmas with us.

It was our first Christmas not travelling and it was definitely a good one.

It feels good to be a family of four - there was definitely a Paige gap in our lives until now.


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