It's Life...

Time is flying by. For the first time in a while, I find myself starting a new month and wondering what happened to the last one. Since last April, every day was spent looking forward to the next month and, even more so, looking forward to December. Now that Paige is here and I am no longer in a constant state of anticipation, time is running from me. In a couple days Paige will be six weeks old. It took Olivia FOREVER to turn six weeks old.

This time around I have a lot more on my plate. With Olivia I had just quit my job and all I had to do was stay at home and keep that tiny little bundle fed and happy. With Paige I not only have a baby, I have a bouncing one and a half year old who never stops moving. I also have a great job that eats up any spare time I might have had during nap times or those moments where I get Paige sleeping and Olivia happily playing off in her room at the same time.

And I love it. I love how full life feels. I love that my place in life is providing care for and loving two beautiful girls and a wonderful husband. I love that when I get to the end of the day I can look back with satisfaction and fulfillment (although the productivity is seldom tangible as you would know by looking at the state of my house most days!)

There are definitely days when I forget about all that. At those times all I feel is tired and I reminisce about the days where I went to bed and slept past 7. (That still exists out there somewhere, right?) So when I am feeling frazzled and tired tomorrow (if I'm lucky it will be the day after), I will come back and read this and remember how much I really do love it.

Because really, I do.


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