The Fair and Nine Months...

The Latah County Fair was recently. Since Olivia is the animal kingdom's biggest fan, we took her over to see the animal barns Saturday morning.

There was some intense excitement as she crowed at all the chickens. It took a sharp eye to keep up with the little blonde blur running from one cage to the next.

I tried to get a picture capturing the high level of excitement that only a two year old can exhibit, but her usual willingness to please the camera was completely forgotten.

 Paige, on the other hand, was unimpressed. This was the only expression she wore the entire outing.

Knowing it would  be a big hit, I road the carousel with Olivia. It was not the wisest decision for someone with nausea and hyper sensitivity to motion sickness and I should have thought to send Paden with her. But Olivia was pretty thrilled and would have ridden it til the world ended. Unfortunately my stamina ran out before the hour did, but apparently it was enough excitement to make one toddler's day (the evidence is always in the nap length).

In other news, this baby girl just turned nine months old.

She crawls all over the house but doesn't appreciate discovering she is alone in a room she has just entered. Her favorite person in the world is her Dad. If he is holding her then even if the sky were falling all would be well.


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