Summer Days

It's been a while! Life is more than a little busy these days!

Every year is a labor day parade in Uniontown which Lee Belle often rides in. So the girls got to be in their first parade and throw candy from the pony wagon.

When Becki came to visit we saw Kansas City's miniature and toy museum. Well worth the trip!

We also saw the Aquarium, but the lighting didn't allow for any pictures worth posting. Olivia did find R2D2 in the Legoland giftshop which adjoins the Auqarium.

Somehow I am low on Taya pictures over the last month! Mostly because she is quite a little monkey and is always running or climbing something making it very hard to get a picture of her. Eating a piece of candy keeps her still and quiet though.

The summer was very hot and September is bringing the relief of no more 90+ degree days and I am very glad of that. After being confined mostly inside due to heat, it's been nice to be able to enjoy the outdoors again.

Paden and I are very excited to soon be going on our first trip without kids since Olivia was born. Thanks to my wonderful Mother-in-law, we are able to leave the kiddos in safe hands and enjoy some time together with friends in Maryland. She's a pretty great grandma!


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