Best Birthday Gift Ever...

The original purpose of this post has been momentarily diverted. I meant to indulge in a motherly fashion and post a bunch of Olivia pictures, but I'm kinda distracted this morning. You see, I'm looking across the room at my early birthday present and it's looking pretty fine.

For the past few days Paden's been telling me about this surprise gift that he's picked out for my birthday. Last night he headed out with some friends to pick it up.

                                                                 Guess what it was....

                                                                    Yes, a PIANO!!!!!!

       You should have seen them getting it into the house. We really won't be moving anytime soon now.

                                                                    Look at that beauty!

                                                                    And there she sits :)

It's an Ivers and Pond. Chris looked up the serial number and apparently it was made between 1915 and 1920. Yes.

The finish is a little worse for wear with some scratches, some kid went to town on the high octave keys with an orange highlighter, and it seems to be missing a back leg, but it's beautiful and plays perfectly. One day we'll refinish it and make it just like new. For right now, I'm incredibly excited to finally own a piano and it already looks at home here.

I have the best husband ever! :)

And now back to my original post - for those interested here are a TON more Olivia pictures:
This was when she was about 5 or 6 weeks old.

She was beginning to really like her play mat at this point.

We always liked our walk/nap time.

Fat and hot on a 90+ afternoon. Thankfully we now have air conditioning!

Sleeping with our arms up as per usual.

Who's there?!

Always such a cutie :)

Always with the hands...

There is something very fascinating about where she is looking because she is always looking there. We haven't figured out what exactly is so enthralling yet.

She does love her daddy!

This was right before leaving for our first Canada trip!

Right before boarding the plane.

So excited about the first plane ride...

Passed out on the airport changing table.

Don't bug me, I'm sleeping.

Fat and happy, oh yeah.

Showing off some smiles!

Falling asleep right before uncle Taylor's fundraiser.

Passed out.

First day in the new house!

Having a good old time.

A very common expression when she is sleeping. I think it means "just you try and wake me up."

Happy happy!

Never a huge fan of tummy time.

Sometimes waking up is hard.

Shopping with aunt Tabitha and mom!


  1. your little one is beautiful! So is that piano... Try magic eraser for those highlighter marks!


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